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Nerve Pain

Numbness in your fingers?
Tingling down your arm?
Nerve pain?

When a nerve is not happy it's hard to ignore. Disc bulges, disc herniation, improper alignment, and even inflammation can compress nerves and cause excruciating pain. If you are reading this then you may be suffering right now. Well have no fear, you are reading the right article!

Nerve pain can stay in one spot, be a traveling pain, it can cause a muscle weakness, change the way organs operate, cause numbness, change your reflexes and even cause different sensations like a hot or cold feeling extremity. The causes are endless and sometimes the slightest movement can set it off. The important thing is not to just mask it with heat, cold, or drugs, but rather remove whatever is causing the irritation to the nerve. Solution? Chiropractic care at our office. Dr. Jamshed is trained to assess the nerves to determine where the irritation is occurring and he is able to determine the best treatment intervention. The longer a nerve is pinched the more irritated it can become so the harder it can be to fix so it's important to get it looked at sooner than later!

Need more information? Stop by our office and grab our handout on sciatica or nerve impingement. Susan or Carol will be happy to help you grab one!

Treatments vary depending on the location of the impingement, symptoms and severity. Our Chiropractor, Dr. Jamshed, will discuss the prognosis at your visit and best interventions which may include chiropractic, supplements, exercises and more! A multi-faceted approach ensures that all aspects of the condition are being addressed to aid in a long-lasting recovery.

If you are suffering from nerve issues please don't wait to get it looked at. The sooner we start to work, the sooner we can get you back to life! Contact our office at 
519-940-3016 and schedule an appointment to get onto the road of recovery today.

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