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Back Pain

Why Does Back Pain Occur?
Well that's a tough question to answer.
There are many movements, positions and activities that can cause back pain.
So what's the solution you ask?

Well you might need better ergonomics at your desk. You might need orthotics. You might need to strengthen your core. You might need a new mattress. You might need to change the way you sit watching television for hours each night. You might need to stretch your hip flexors You might need so many things, but we won't know until we do a full assessment! And you know what all of these solutions have in common? They all are paired with chiropractic adjustments to maximize the benefit. There are so many things to think about and that's why I have over a decade of experience in treating back related ailments following a very detailed history and examination. You don't need to know what the solution is for your back pain just yet, that's why I'm here.

Back pain is now considered a global epidemic and affects about 80 per cent of the population. Meanwhile, widespread opioid addiction has caused physicians to limit the amount of opioids they prescribe to relieve pain. The question you need to ask is what pain pill or drug is going to correct the spine's alignment and correct the problem? You're right - there isn't one! That's why chiropractic exists. It's time we treated the cause of your pain and not just provide you with a bandage solution.

How is Back Pain Diagnosed? And how is it treated?
Many factors contribute to back pain and not all of them are in the scope of chiropractic care. You may have already discovered that if you went to Dr. Google before stopping by here. No worries, I am trained to assess for multiple causes of back pain and should I suspect a non-musculoskeletal cause I will send you with the appropriate documentation to a professional that can help. But the other 99% of the time we keep you in house and we get to the root of the problem. No, it's not just an adjustment. It's a specific series of adjustments where you need them, exercises to reinforce the adjustment, advice on things to do and things to avoid and so much more! This won't all happen at the first visit because I need to see what holds, what doesn't hold and what you are doing that may be helping or hindering our success. But don't worry, you're in good hands! So let's figure out the problem so we can solve it!

Pain is only part of the issue. At Broadway Family Chiropractic & Wellness we want to not only get you out of pain, but we want to keep you out of pain and keep you healthy! Isn't that what you want? Call our office at
519-940-3016 to book your initial appointment with our Chiropractor, Dr. Jamshed, so we can get you on the path to health TODAY! Do something today your future self will thank you for!

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