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Child & Infant Care

If you think back to your childhood you probably remember a bunch of adventures that may have incorporated falls, twisted ankles, jumping from heights, goose eggs on the head and maybe even a broken bone. So a pretty great childhood, eh? Of course it was!

But do you think that all those adventures may have knocked your spine out of alignment? Of course it did!

So wouldn't it be great if we could fix those problems when they happen rather than wait for years and years to past and them to present as bigger biomechanics or musculoskeletal problems? Of course it would!

And that's why Dr. Jamshed loves treating kiddos! Having two young kids of his own he knows that kids can do some crazy things to their body and it's important to put them back in line so they can keep enjoying the adventures that come with life!

Of course it's not just those adventures he addresses. He also helps with issues like latching problems, ear infections, digestion issues, colic, concussions, bedwetting, sports related injuries, headaches, posture concerns like scoliosis, walking issues, flat feet and more! We have lots of handouts at our clinic with more information so be sure to pop in and grab a few that cater to your questions!

Children and adults are different. Of course they are!

So Dr. Jamshed uses different adjustments (no "pop" sound, no twisting as their facet joints aren't fully formed and no fast movements) as he uses a gentle sustained pressure to move the bones ever so slightly, a different paediatric table, and different pressures to ensure they are getting care catered to their developing bodies. Oh and they may get to choose a gift from the treasure chest after their adjustment, but please don't be jealous!


Dr. Jamshed also just completed his pediatric certificate.  This is extremely helpful for treating babies and children for chiropractic services.

Call our Chiropractor, Dr. Jamshed, on 
519-940-3016 for a consultation and get your child on their way to a better life. Be sure to call before their next adventure!

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